Book Review - Consort of War (Eli Hinze)

"The goddess of war and desire is a mighty enemy indeed."

Once again I really enjoyed reading this second installment in the Queen of Shades saga. The story continues where it left off with Kigal installed as a the divine ruler of Irkalla, land of the dead. Coming to grips with her new role and powers, she is thrust into conflict with a powerful and relentless opponent - Innana, goddess of war and desire.

As with the previous installment, Consort of War is well written combining a detailed and thorough knowledge of ancient Mesopotamia with a thumping plot and powerful emotional beats. The first part of the book introduces us to a fantastic new antagonist and really raises the stakes emotionally. The second part gives a satisfying resolution to the central conflict (no spoilers!) whilst further developing the relationship between Kigal and Nergal.

Caught between these gods and goddesses are the mortals and supernatural beings of Mesopotamian mythology; pawns in a games they cannot fully comprehend but are powerless to resist. 

A great read and a worthy follow up to Queen of Irkalla. Can't wait for the next one!



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