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A pilot. A terrorist. A special agent. Three lives. One ship. A Solar System on the edge.
The Aggressive presents a dark vision of the near future, where humankind has settled the Solar System out as far as the moons of Saturn. What began as scientific exploration quickly turned to commercialization, crime and violence. As Earth and Titan stand on the brink of conflict, three lives collide on the warship Aggressive and risk igniting a conflict across the stars.

Leon Wood is a young pilot officer on board the warship Aggressive, seeking to escape his past growing up under an oppressive regime on Titan. As Titan breaks ties with the ruling powers on Earth, Leon finds himself caught between forces far bigger than he ever imagined possible.

Meanwhile, Anton Biarritz is a ruthless career terrorist who, having masterminded a devastating attack on Earth, makes his escape aboard the Aggressive posing as a misanthropic diplomat. His plans are thrown into chaos when he finds the one person who has dedicated their life to tracking him down is also on the ship…

…September Long. A brilliant but disgraced intelligence officer determined to bring Anton to justice, whatever the cost. As the stakes rise, she finds herself increasingly isolated, caught in a battle of wits in the cold, outer reaches of the Solar System.

As each works towards their goal — survival, execution and absolution — the drama plays out across a Solar System dominated by power struggles and commercial interests. Moving outward from Earth, the characters encounter gangsters, pirates and sadists as they approach their journeys end around Saturn.

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