Hello world

Welcome to my blog.

Since I am aiming to build an online presence, it seems sensible to have a blog.

So here it is.

I will endeavour to update it frequently (though perhaps not regularly)

First, a little about myself.

I am a writer based in the north west of England, specifically the slightly more rural bits a bit more north and a bit more west of Manchester. I am, however, a Mancunian by nurture.

I earn my crust as an educator. I teach predominantly law, religion and philosophy. I also have a specific interest in promoting university education and widening access and participation with students from less affluent backgrounds. Since I work in education, 'Gem Jackson' is my chosen pen name to provide an element of anonymity from my students.

My family unit consists of myself, my wife and our two children. They are both young. We are both exhausted. As such, I write when I can.

Currently I am working on a science fiction novel that should be finished by the end of the year. Alongside this I have a number of short stories planned to broaden my writing horizons. Some of these will end up on the blog and others I will aim to have published.

That's all for now, folks.



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